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⚠️ Node & NPM

Do avoid any problems, use the latests versions of Node and NPM


  • Docker >= 2.17 (Need 'additional_context' supports, which has been added with version 2.17.0)
  • Please be aware that MongoDB needs a CPU supporting AVX
  • The host of SSM needs the port :8000 opened for the agent to communicate with it.


ℹ️ Agent dependencies

The following dependencies will be automatically installed when the agent is installed for the UI thanks to the ad-hoc Ansible playbook

  • NodeJS >= 20.0.0
  • NPM >= 10.5.0
  • PM2 >= 5.3.1

Under the hood, the agent uses the package "systeminformation". I encourage you to read the knows issues as some configurations need additional packages installed (MacOs, Windows, Linux) even if the playbook will try to do that for you

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