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About Squirrel Servers manager ​


Squirrel Servers Manager is a backend and front end written in TS powered by Ansible and Docker to manage all your servers in one place, with a focus on UI/UX and easiness to use

ℹī¸ Some examples of what you can do with it:

  • Apply system updates to a single or multiple servers
  • Reboot servers
  • Automate updates
  • Monitor servers CPU, memory, disk usage, software version
  • See Docker services running
  • Create Ansible playbooks and run them

🚧 Work in Progress

SSM is currently in active development and not usable for production yet. I am opensourcing it (I am alone right now working on it), so I can start collaborating with community contributors.

Welcome to SSM ! ​

SSM blend the automation powerhouse of Ansible with the portable setup of Docker in a clean and engaging interface.

Forget the days of command line complexities. SSM simplified dashboard places the full potential of Ansible and Docker at your fingertips. Effortlessly navigate deployment to monitoring via clicks, not code.

Born from a love for open-source, we've crafted this toolkit to be community-backed and user-focused. It's the ideal pick for developers and IT teams who crave simplicity without sacrificing power.

Rediscover Ansible and Docker as they unite under one intuitive, open-source interface.

Welcome to simplicity and power in perfect harmony.

Why building SSM? ​

I didn't find any tools for my Homelab that allow me to manage my 5 Rpi & 3 Ubuntu servers with a nice UI. So I decided to code it!

Why Squirrel? ​

Consider all your devices nuts, a squirrel will love to gather them all in some hole in a tree. That's what we are doing here! Also, squirrels are cute!

Roadmap ​

Check out the Roadmap on GitHub.

Join Us(Me)! ​

SSM is still in early stage. I have a lot of ground to cover, and I won't be able to do this without the help from community contributors. I am also actively looking for more team members with long term commitment

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