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Squirrel Servers Manager (SSM)

A user friendly, UI/UX focus server & configuration management tool

Powered By Ansible & Docker


🚧 Work in Progress

SSM is currently in active development and not usable for production yet. We encourage you to learn about why we are building it and welcome community contributions. If you are interested in getting involved, check out the Contribution Guide !

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Experience the immense power encapsulated within these tools, now presented through a user-friendly interface.

🔌 We blend the automation powerhouse of Ansible with the portable setup of Docker in a clean and engaging interface.

🎭 Forget the days of command line complexities. Our simplified dashboard places the full potential of Ansible and Docker at your fingertips. Effortlessly navigate deployment to monitoring via clicks, not code.

🎯 Born from a love for open-source, we've crafted this toolkit to be community-backed and user-focused. It's the ideal pick for developers and IT teams who crave simplicity without sacrificing power.

❤️ Rediscover Ansible and Docker as they unite under one intuitive, open-source interface. Welcome to simplicity and power in perfect harmony.





Playbook editor


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