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Containers labels

SSM is including part of the code of WhatsUpDocker, so it supports, for the moment, the exact same labels on containers:


To fine-tune the behaviour of WUD per container, you can add labels on them.

LabelRequiredDescriptionSupported valuesDefault value when missing
wud.watchWatch this containerValid Booleantrue when WUD_WATCHER_{watcher_name}_WATCHBYDEFAULT is true (false otherwise) this container digestValid Booleanfalse
wud.tag.includeRegex to include specific tags onlyValid JavaScript Regex
wud.tag.excludeRegex to exclude specific tagsValid JavaScript Regex
wud.tag.transformTransform function to apply to the tag$valid_regex => $valid_string_with_placeholders (see below) link associated to the container versionString template with placeholders ${raw} ${major} ${minor} ${patch} ${prerelease}
wud.display.nameCustom display name for the containerValid StringContainer name
wud.display.iconCustom display icon for the containerValid Material Design Icon, Fontawesome Icon or Simple icon (see details below)mdi:docker

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