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Client stack main libs

Server stack main libs

Agent stack main libs

  • dotenv: Loads environment variables from a .env file for Node.js projects.
  • node-os-utils: Provides a set of OS related utility methods.
  • retry: Retry strategies and abstractions for fatal-exceptional conditions.
  • systeminformation: Simple system and hardware information for Node.js.
  • ts-node: TypeScript execution and REPL for node.js.
  • typescript: A language for application scale JavaScript development.
  • axios: Promise-based HTTP client for node.js and browser.
  • winston: Multi-transport async logging library for Node.js.
  • winston-daily-rotate-file: A transport for winston which logs to a new file each day.
  • esbuild: An extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier.
  • node-cron: Task scheduler in pure JavaScript for node.js. Based on GNU crontab.

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